Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The Canny Comic Con : Saturday 10th December 2011

The Canny Comic Con is a free little festival of comics and sequential art. It will be held at Newcastle City Library all day on Saturday 10th December 2011.

Comics, comic strips, comic books, graphic novels, manga, sequential art - however you want to refer to it, the CCC wants to celebrate everything about telling stories in pictures. Whilst it won't be on the same scale as some of the bigger UK comic conventions, we're going to have a full range of activities, including: talks and panel discussions, workshops, and a hall of stalls where you can meet some of the finest comic-creating talent from the region and beyond.

Whatever your age or experience, whether you read comics, make comics, or are just interested to know a little more, we hope to have something to interest you.

Entry to the CCC will be FREE. That's right, no charge. You don't need to book tickets, you don't need to pay us anything. Come along and support the biggest comic event to be held in the North East for over fifteen years.
Guests include:

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Made in Newcastle Christmas Market

Woo Hoo!! The MiNies are hosting a Christmas Fair on Sunday 4th Dec from 10am in the Royal Station Hotel, Neville Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 5DH. If you don't already know the hotel is next to the train station. Its a beautiful Victorian listed building and we'll be in the big function room.

We'll be offering a range of affordable, high quality, handmade Christmas gifts not available on the high street. There will be around 25 stalls offering textiles, clothing, jewellery, art, stationery and homeware designed and made by established and emerging design talent.
We want this to be an alternative and fun Christmas shopping experience where you can come browse stalls and meet local artisans, crafters and designers.

You'll find one off unique pieces and limited edition items ideal if you're looking for something a bit different and special. Prices will range from £2 to £60+ so there is something for everyone.

Proceeds from the £1 entry fee will go towards future Made In Newcastle projects, workshops, exhibitions and events.

We would really appreciate it you would RSVP our event on Facebook and help us spread the word: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=142991705793393

Monday, 26 September 2011

Button's Boutique Craft Shop Grand Opening.

Our friend Amanda, owner of the wonderful Buttons Boutique is opening a real life bricks and mortar shop!

Why not come and celebrate with her at her opening day on Oct. 29th, Buttons Boutique is in Stanley, just opposite Asda.

Facebook event page: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=161137307307817

New fabric, craft, haberdashery and handmade shop opening opposite Asda in Stanley.
Grand Opening day with some sweeties and biscuits to celebrate :)

Friday, 9 September 2011

Base Event

This very worthy cause is after some lovely artists and crafters to have stalls at their event. 
A percentage of all takings from the day will go to the charity. If you aren't having a stall seriously consider coming along to have a shop. Some of our MiNnies will be there including Susan Heaford - pHzzz who sent us the info for this post. 

For further info on the event or to book a stall contact Amy at TRCC.base.event@live.co.uk or call her on the number in the poster below. 

Monday, 20 June 2011

Made in Newcastle @ Grainger Market Enterprise Event hosted by PNE Group

Missing MiN? Then fear not….

From 11am till 3pm on Tuesday 28th June we will be selling our many and wondrous things at the “Grainger Market Enterprise Event” hosted by PNE Group

Come and support us at our inaugural outing since the end of our 6 month pop up adventure at 79 Grainger Street.

We will have lots of lovely things on offer, from sensational homewares, cards, illustrations, photography, jewellery, textiles, unique handmade gifts, fashion and accessories to name but a few. So pop down and say “Hello” we have missed you all xxx

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Goodbye 79 Grainger Street and thanks for all the fun.

Way back in December of 2010 we looked around an empty shell of a shop on Grainger Street, trying to find a new home for Made in Newcastle. We had peered into its windows many times, having fallen in love with the staircase and the large space at the back, not to mention great location.

Potential sparked and crackled off the walls. The weather was cold but a warm glow came from within 79 Grainger Street as we got to work transforming it into our new home.

Viewing MiN 2Work in Progress at MiN 2

It was a miraculous transformation, in as little as 10 days we brought the shop into being. We tamed the horror of the fridge on the first floor, found new ways to make floors and ended up with a cosy spot to hide and make during the long Winter months.

Ready to Go!

It's been a whirlwind ride. There's always been something going on at 79 Grainger Street, a regular hive of activity for all involved. Spring brought a nice fresh look to the shop, it was so nice to see that we picked a spot that the sun would sit on for most of the day.

Draw of Awesome

During Spring we got many visitors to the shop, some new friends, some old. Some fury, some frilly.

A VisitorWith Art

It's hard to believe we were in there a whole six months. It went by so quickly. It felt even faster than when we were in 22 Nun Street for those short three months. Time is a funny thing. We've come a long way, we've all grown a bit in our own way.

The Last SaturdayRecord Cake Stand

Goodbye 79 Grainger Street. I will miss you, you crazy, messed up, brilliant shop. We will all miss you. Thanks.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Nearing the end

Today sees the last day of the inaugural Newcastle Fashion Week. Its been a MEGA event with lots of exciting things going on all around the city and will hopefully go some way to putting Newcastle on the Fashion map. I guess what we really hope is that this event will help encourage independent designers to start/keep their business in Newcastle and help indy shops (the few that there are in the city) thrive.

As we say goodbye to Fashion Week, we also say "so long" to 79 Grainger Street. On the 31st May, in only 10 days time, Made In Newcastle will be shutting up shop at 79 Grainger street. We've been there for 6 MONTHS and can scarce believe it, the time has gone so quickly.
Those of you who have been following the MiN project since its birth last year, will know that foremost it is an empty shop project and we can only be based in a premises for a temporary period. Ideally we would love to stay in a place on a permanent basis and have a space which offers affordable workshops as well as the gallery and shop. The reality is though that the price is too high and we just can't afford it. This city needs more independent shops though and its something that the MiN collective feel strongly about.

We will be looking for a new base and in the meantime we'll continue to do stuff online and run events around the city, just not from the Grainger St property. You can keep up to date with all our antics on the blog and on our website.

Over the last 6 months at the 79 Grainger premises, its been a pleasure having your support and we're very grateful to Thomas Cook for letting the space to us & giving us the opportunity to showcase the city's artistic talent. We also must thank Newcastle City Council for the financial support they have given us.

Just one last thing to say, before we shut the shop on close of play 31st May - our advise is:
"H'way and geet yourself doon there, quick like"!

Friday, 20 May 2011

Ncstl Fashion Week Guest Designer

Yippee its Friday!!

The guest maker post today is about Rochelle Laine. A recent graduate from Norwich University College of the Arts, Rochelle is now the proud owner of a first class BA Honors Degree in Textiles.
Through the years at University Rochelle has grown into her own style of working, which involves using a lot of mixed media including C.A.D embroidery, laser cutting and weaving. Recently she has been using real fur and leather to create heavy textured pieces.

Rochelle loves to be innovative and push the boundaries of current textile practice. She has developed an in depth knowledge of colour and fabric structure and the use of smart materials in her developmental work helps her to accomplish her design ideas.

Rochelle tells us that throughout education she strived to make an impact with her practical work which has helped her become more aware of the textile design industry and enable her to engage in a sustained and focused period of creative work.
To find out more info about this talented graduate designer visit her blog:
http://rochellelaine.blogspot.com/ or the East Durham Artists Network website: http://www.edan.org.uk/

At the moment you can view her work on the walls of the shop gallery space and Rochelle has also included some of her outfits in the showcase.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Ncstl Fashion Week Guest Designer

Another fashiony day is upon us, which means another delightful post about one of our wonderful guest makers. Today its the turn of Kathryn McKelvey, who's work is currently adorning the walls of the MiN gallery space.

Kathryn did a fashion degree at Newcastle Polytechnic and after graduating began work in the fashion forecasting industry in New York city as a designer/illustrator.
Nowadays she makes her living as a lecturer at Northumbria university and a writer, or rather creator of fashion books
for publishers John Wiley & Sons. Some of her works include 'Fashion Source Book', 'Illustrating Fashion', 'Fashion Design: Process, Innovation & Practice and Fashion Forecasting'.

Kathryn's illustration process begins as a hand drawn image created using an unforgiving fine-liner or ballpoint pen.
She scans the drawings, creates her own textile designs and adds colour to the the drawings digitally, utilising backdrops from her own photographs and creating special effects using illustration applications.
The prints are then hand finished using techniques such as gilding to give the illustration a slightly more hand made feel and unique effect.

Come into the shop & feast your eyes on Kathryn's gorgeous work which is on sale at a very reasonable price and will be on show for the rest of Fashion Week.

To keep up to date with all her ventures why not follow her blog: www.kathrynmckelvey.tumblr.com

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Ncstl Fashion Week Guest Designer

Today's spotlight is on two emerging design talents Amelia-Jane Friend and Dean Blair.

Amelia is a first year fashion student at Northumbria University who at a young age is already developing a unique style of her own.
She has always had passion for fashion and believes there is more to it than the appearance created by the clothing and accessories, but that its all about identity and how fashion helps you to express individualism and your personality.

Amelia's quirky designs are ultimately about having fun. She enjoys using bright prints with a variety of colours and including quirky details to each garment resulting in a vibrant collection. Amelia also likes to use classical shapes usually inspired by past fashions and she often references the 60s and 70s in her designs. She describes her current collection as bright, fun and easy to wear whether it be for a festival or to a party.

Amelia is currently showcasing several of her pieces in the shop, one of our personal favourite pieces is her cute & summery butterfly print dress - gorgeous!

The second of our guest makers to highlight today is Dean Blair. A self taught designer born and bred in Newcastle.

Since an early age he has loved fashion and been determined to get ahead in this competitive industry. He began making things as a teenager when he used to customize jeans for his family and up-cycle old clothes to give them a new lease of life and revamp them. Dean still enjoys the challenge of customising unwanted second hand clothing into a new desirable piece as he can get really creative and experimental.

Truly a self-made designer, Dean grew up on a council estate in an area where opportunities are not in abundance - far from it. He never studied fashion, mainly because of funding and understands how hard it can be to find your feet and get the support you need in a lower socio-economic environment. His family have really supported Dean throughout the years in following his dreams and are always there for guidance.

Today Dean's designs and makes his own range of clothes, costume wear and accessories under the brand name 'BUJU'.

Over the last 10 years he has worked as a freelance designer on many different projects including designing and styling girl bands for tours and video shoots and making costumes for dancers in the uk and abroad.

He hopes one day he can achieve his dream and work alongside some of the top designers and maybe becoming a big name in the fashion industry.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Ncstl Fashion Week Guest Designer

Morning everyone. Today's guest maker post is on Gradley Thirkle of Subtle Clothing. As well as showcasing work in MiN, Subtle Clothing will also be featured on the 'Fashion Front Row' catwalk this evening at As you Like It in Jesmond, Newcastle.

So heres what its all about:

Subtle Clothing is an emerging ethically aware British fashion label based in Tyneside. Run by Gradley along with members of his family the ethos is about being understated yet stylish.

The concept for the brand originated when watching British Style Genius on BBC2 in the autumn of 2008. Gradley was inspired and came up with the idea of creating his own ethically aware fashion label. With previous experience of working in retail in Britain and Canada and working as part of the Diamond and Rings Merchandising team for two major Jewellers in London, Gradley already had a background in fashion. At the dawn of 2011 Subtle Clothing was brought into the world.

Each design is created to be stylish, fashionable and underpinned throughout by SC's understated viewpoint and the world’s penchant for acting like a peacock. The theme for their first design is the weather, executed in a quirky and subtle way. This was inspired by the British passion for talking about the weather, whilst making small talk with friends, family and/or strangers.
The summer
design has been screen printed using the CMYK process onto a white organic cotton t-shirt, certified organic by the Soil Association. The print will be limited to 700 organic cotton t-shirts by t-shirt colour and is the inspiration for the range name – “700” by Subtle Clothing. Each t-shirt will contain a label stating 'This t-shirt is one of 700 lovingly created by Peacocks, for Peacocks. Be part of the Muster' and will display a Subtle Clothing logo on the nape of the neck on the back of the t-shirt.

The t-shirt is available from the
subtleclothing.com, https://marketplace.asos.com and is of course available at Made In Newcastle during Fashion week - 14th to the 21st May.
Whats more if you buy a Subtle Clothing tee from the Made In Newcastle shop each customer will get a free black,
organic cotton Subtle Clothing bag (normally RRP £15).
You can contact Gradley for more information via email: info@subtleclothing.com’ or drop him a line on tel: 07933844196.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Needle felting at Newcastle City Library as part of Newcastle Fashion week

Well to kick off our links with Newcastle Fashion week workshop ventures, Made in Newcastle provided a array of felting fun at Newcastle City Library.

We had an array of visitors to our workshop, young and old and old and fun was had by all. We made felted necklaces, rings, as seen by one of our wonderful Newcastle Fashion week team, brooches using the wonderful medium of felt.

To learn more about the art of felt, I would thoroughly recommend one of my favourite informative sites - Sara's Texture Crafts.

Made in Newcastle
would like to thank Sitting on the wall and Threadspider Textiles for delivering this workshop.

Ncstl Fashion Week Guest Designer

The next guest maker who we would like to highlight for this special event is Laura Rutter who creates unique & limited edition pieces with a gorgeous vintage style under the moniker 'Vintage Princess Jewellery'.

Each creation mixes the old with the new. Reworking broken, unused and unwanted jewellery in with new materials, resulting in a vintage style piece at an affordable price.
Her most popular items are the custom made charm bracelets and statement necklaces.
She also works with customers to develop their own ideas, creating something amazing just for them.

Laura began making jewellery for herself as a teenager. She was fed up with seeing people wearing the same pieces as her and decided to get inventive and start making her own.

Now the tender age of 23,
she has customers all over the UK and the Vintage Princess love is spreading, with new customers popping up from overseas.
We are pleased to say she has now opened her first shop in the centre of Durham. This little haven of gorgeousness can be found
on the 1st floor of the City Attic shop on North Rd, Durham. You can also get your hands on some of Laura's designs on her website: www.vintageprincessjewellery.co.uk
For more details please contact Laura,
vintageprincessjewellery@gmail.com, pop into the shop, or give her a call on 0191 384 9129.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Made in Felt: Felt Taster Workshop as part of Newcastle Fashion week

As part of Newcastle Fashion Week Made in Newcastle invite you to join some of our tallented MiN-ies at:-

Made in Felt: Felt Taster Workshop
Time: 1-2:30pm - Sun 15th May

Price: Free

Newcastle City Library

A basic level felt making workshop experience allowing you to experiment with the therapeutic craft of needle felting. A short demonstration on how to Needle felt will be given to attendees who can the experience the world of needle felting; meet fellow craft enthusiasts, and discover how to make a needle felted fashion accessory and get some great ideas for future needle felting projects.

Children under 14 to be accompanied by an adult.

Drop in session

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Fashion Week Guest Maker Special

I'm sure you're all well aware by now that the first Newcastle Fashion Week begins on the 14th May and that we, you're beloved MiN crew are taking part in the fashiony festivities.

As part of our involvement we will be transforming the shop into a fashion boutique, with a particular focus on the gallery space which will be showcasing beautiful wares from local designers and fashion students. These are our Fashion week guest makers and in the lead up to the BIG event & during the week itself we'll be blogging about each individual guest maker so you can find out more about each one.

So who's first?

Suzanne Porter
Ever since Suzanne was young she always loved art & making things. Once she started studying Art & Design at college it became apparent to her that Fashion was the main focus of her attentions. After completing college Suzanne attended a three year ‘Fashion Enterprise' degree course and soon after finishing made the move to set up a clothing label - which has now been going two years & growing ever more popular.

Based in Darlington and trading under the name Suzanne Porter Boutique, this talented lady loves to create pieces which are feminine and elegant. She has a particular interest in era's gone by such as the 1940's and 50's, from which she takes inspiration when designing her garments.

Suzanne has just started stocking a new concept store in ’Paloni’ Helsinki, Finland. We're sure this lady will go far.

Here's a little visual taster of what she has to offer:

To view Suzanne's stunning outfits you can visit her website HERE
If you like what you see and you fancy some of that for yourself then please drop her a line on 07931836719 or email: suzanneporterboutique@live.co.uk

And don't forget you can get your hands on a Suzanne Porter original at MiN from the 14th May!

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Made in Newcastle's 'Crafternoon' team deliver a 'Crafty Hen Party'

Made in Newcastle's 'Crafternoon' team deliver a 'Crafty Hen Party'

Made in Newcastle's 'Crafternoon' team deliver a 'Crafty Hen Party'

A lovely Saturday afternoon, the wonderful Central bar in Gatehead and 15 'Hens' set the scene for a wonderful crafty event held by 'Pearce and Lowe' . The Crafternoon team delivered a fun packed Craft workshop for the lovely Laura and her team of hens....

Three hours later, and a range of beautiful personalised wedding buntings were made to adorn the wedding venue for the bride and groom and hopefully keep as a 'memoir' of their very special day, as well as a fantastic range of individual and very creative needle felted jewellery pieces for all the hens to keep as their own personal keepsake....

Thursday, 28 April 2011

The BIG MiN Fabric Swap 14th May

Newcastle fashion week is quickly approaching and there are lots of exciting things happening in the shop as well as around Newcastle City Centre.

Fashion week kicks off at MiN on the 14th May with our swishing event with a difference - The Fabric Swap. This event is aimed at 'haberdashery hoarders' and 'fabric fetishists' (of which i know there are plenty of you out there). It will offer the chance to exchange fabrics sitting aimlessly in the back of your wardrobe for something fresh for you to create your next fashion masterpiece with.
As well as being a great opportunity to swap crafty items with fellow enthusiasts it will also be a fund-raising event for Made in Newcastle so all the money made from the event will go directly towards keeping the MiN project alive. ***Due to space in the shop this event will be limited to 25 people on a 1st come 1st get in basis - so it will not be a ticketed event.***

So how does it work? Read on...
1. Swappers will need to arrive between 12noon to 12.30 with their swag.
Once 25 people are reached further swappers will be declined. However we may have a further event if this proves to be popular.

2. Cost: Entry is £2 this includes a 1 *bag allowance to swap. After entry price it will be an additional £1 per extra bag - each swapper can bring and take away up to 4 bags each.

*Bag = an average sized carrier bag to be provided by MIN on the day.

3. Swappers items will be taken by the MiNions and divied up into the MiN provided *bags to ensure quantities are equal and that people take away the same amount as they bring, so it is fair for everyone. 1 bag is worth 1 token and the equivalent amount of tokens will be given to each swapper.

4. Swappers are then asked to return at 1.00pm to allow MiNnies time to organise the items into categories- i.e. fabric, buttons etc.

5. The fun bit. On return at 1pm each swapper is given empty *bag(s) in exchange for their token(s). Swappers are then all allowed into the 'swap zone' (gallery space) at same time & can fill their bags. NO FIGHTING PLEASE!! :)

Allowed swap items:
  • Fabric any type (cotton, etc). Fabric scraps -bundle together & no smaller than 7 x 7ins
  • Felt
  • Lace
  • Ribbon
  • Buttons
  • Zips
  • Threads (embroidery, sewing)
  • Wool
If you have any further questions about this event please contact: info@madeinnewcastle.org

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Made in Newcastle's 'Crafternoon' team deliver a 'Crafty Hen Party'

Made in Newcastle's 'Crafternoon' team deliver a 'Crafty Hen Party'

A lovely Saturday afternoon, the wonderful Central bar in Gatehead and 15 'Hens' set the scene for a wonderful crafty event held by 'Pearce and Lowe' . The Crafternoon team delivered a fun packed Craft workshop for the lovely Laura and her team of hens....

Three hours later, and a range of beautiful personalised wedding buntings were made to adorn the wedding venue for the bride and groom and hopefully keep as a 'memoir' of their very special day, as well as a fantastic range of individual and very creative needle felted jewellery pieces for all the hens to keep as their own personal keepsake....