Thursday, 19 May 2011

Ncstl Fashion Week Guest Designer

Another fashiony day is upon us, which means another delightful post about one of our wonderful guest makers. Today its the turn of Kathryn McKelvey, who's work is currently adorning the walls of the MiN gallery space.

Kathryn did a fashion degree at Newcastle Polytechnic and after graduating began work in the fashion forecasting industry in New York city as a designer/illustrator.
Nowadays she makes her living as a lecturer at Northumbria university and a writer, or rather creator of fashion books
for publishers John Wiley & Sons. Some of her works include 'Fashion Source Book', 'Illustrating Fashion', 'Fashion Design: Process, Innovation & Practice and Fashion Forecasting'.

Kathryn's illustration process begins as a hand drawn image created using an unforgiving fine-liner or ballpoint pen.
She scans the drawings, creates her own textile designs and adds colour to the the drawings digitally, utilising backdrops from her own photographs and creating special effects using illustration applications.
The prints are then hand finished using techniques such as gilding to give the illustration a slightly more hand made feel and unique effect.

Come into the shop & feast your eyes on Kathryn's gorgeous work which is on sale at a very reasonable price and will be on show for the rest of Fashion Week.

To keep up to date with all her ventures why not follow her blog:

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  1. beautiful illustrations :)