Thursday, 28 April 2011

The BIG MiN Fabric Swap 14th May

Newcastle fashion week is quickly approaching and there are lots of exciting things happening in the shop as well as around Newcastle City Centre.

Fashion week kicks off at MiN on the 14th May with our swishing event with a difference - The Fabric Swap. This event is aimed at 'haberdashery hoarders' and 'fabric fetishists' (of which i know there are plenty of you out there). It will offer the chance to exchange fabrics sitting aimlessly in the back of your wardrobe for something fresh for you to create your next fashion masterpiece with.
As well as being a great opportunity to swap crafty items with fellow enthusiasts it will also be a fund-raising event for Made in Newcastle so all the money made from the event will go directly towards keeping the MiN project alive. ***Due to space in the shop this event will be limited to 25 people on a 1st come 1st get in basis - so it will not be a ticketed event.***

So how does it work? Read on...
1. Swappers will need to arrive between 12noon to 12.30 with their swag.
Once 25 people are reached further swappers will be declined. However we may have a further event if this proves to be popular.

2. Cost: Entry is £2 this includes a 1 *bag allowance to swap. After entry price it will be an additional £1 per extra bag - each swapper can bring and take away up to 4 bags each.

*Bag = an average sized carrier bag to be provided by MIN on the day.

3. Swappers items will be taken by the MiNions and divied up into the MiN provided *bags to ensure quantities are equal and that people take away the same amount as they bring, so it is fair for everyone. 1 bag is worth 1 token and the equivalent amount of tokens will be given to each swapper.

4. Swappers are then asked to return at 1.00pm to allow MiNnies time to organise the items into categories- i.e. fabric, buttons etc.

5. The fun bit. On return at 1pm each swapper is given empty *bag(s) in exchange for their token(s). Swappers are then all allowed into the 'swap zone' (gallery space) at same time & can fill their bags. NO FIGHTING PLEASE!! :)

Allowed swap items:
  • Fabric any type (cotton, etc). Fabric scraps -bundle together & no smaller than 7 x 7ins
  • Felt
  • Lace
  • Ribbon
  • Buttons
  • Zips
  • Threads (embroidery, sewing)
  • Wool
If you have any further questions about this event please contact:

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Made in Newcastle's 'Crafternoon' team deliver a 'Crafty Hen Party'

Made in Newcastle's 'Crafternoon' team deliver a 'Crafty Hen Party'

A lovely Saturday afternoon, the wonderful Central bar in Gatehead and 15 'Hens' set the scene for a wonderful crafty event held by 'Pearce and Lowe' . The Crafternoon team delivered a fun packed Craft workshop for the lovely Laura and her team of hens....

Three hours later, and a range of beautiful personalised wedding buntings were made to adorn the wedding venue for the bride and groom and hopefully keep as a 'memoir' of their very special day, as well as a fantastic range of individual and very creative needle felted jewellery pieces for all the hens to keep as their own personal keepsake....

Friday, 15 April 2011

Made in Newcastle and Newcastle Fashion week

Made In Newcastle is delighted to be supporting the first Newcastle Fashion week. As a hub for all things handmade, MiN will be showcasing the work of local fashion designers and fashion students with a specially themed fashion week shop.

As well as all the usual creative offerings the shop will be transforming their gallery space into an indy fashion boutique, where you will be able to purchase the work of some of the region's hottest emerging talent. The shop will also be hosting a number of events and workshops as well as free talks from the city Library.

As well as all this during the week there will be limited edition goody bags to get your hands on (as part of indy shop crawl), special offers and discounts.
click here for more infomation

Monday, 11 April 2011

Tales of the Hollow Earth : Cosmology

An exhibition of ten mysterious images by writer/artist Paul Thompson have apparently been nailed to the walls of Made in Newcastle's gallery space until at least Friday. He still hasn't put titles on them, but has at least attempted some kind of explanation, which you can read on his blog :

At home with MIN

A celebration of New and Make do and mend homeware live at the MiN gallery...pop along and see what the best creative in the North East have to offer for the home.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Paper Jam Exhibition at Made in Newcastle

Paper Jam Exhibition at Made in Newcastle

Written by Brittany Coxon

What have I been up to? Lots.
Recently with the Paper Jam Comics Collective I've been busy exhibiting my illustration work at Made in Newcastle. I did one brand new piece for the exhibition as well as showing my page from Art and That, the rather blurry photo courtesy of my phone.

The theme for the exhibition was loosely based around our History and That anthology which we first unveiled at Thought Bubble. There was a rather delayed launch party of said anthology on the Friday which doubled as the closing party for the exhibition. Many were in attendance and there was much fun had.

We also left some blank comic panels and a box of words on the table in the gallery for the week so that people could take part in our "famous" 24 minute comic challenge. Two words, one comic, 24 minutes. I have managed to rescue all the ones that we left for us to see and will be scanning them and uploading them to the Paper Jam Comic Jams blog very soon.

What else have we got. Ah yes... view the exhibition closing/History launch party in photographic glory. It's like being there... only without sound, movement or the majority of the senses.

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