Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Doodle Your Art Out

Hello All

As previously mentioned as part of the MiN launch on Sat 10th July we are having a doodle/art jam and I would like invite you to take part. From 3pm on Sat 10th July come along and help us create a glorious collaborative doodle on the café area wall.

The theme of the mass doodle is 'creating and making' and (if successful) the finished artwork will serve as a mural for our 6 month term in the shop.
Artists & creatives of every discipline and anyone else who loves drawing/doodling can drop by and add their contribution to the wall of our café area from 3pm (after the fashion show) - 6pm.
So get your thinking caps on and come up with a little (or big) doodle you would like to adorn our wall with.

Marker pens will be provided for the event. Hope you can make it down & please spread the word to all those who you think may want to take part.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Kind Donations

Thanks to House of Objects for donating some bits and bob for the Made In Newcastle sewing cafe.

Monday, 28 June 2010

Featured illustrator, designer maker Lucy Farfort

Lucy is a freelance iIllustrator and maker with a quirky and bold drawing style. Her first love is illustrating and she produces illustrations for magazines, posters/flyers, logos, websites and t-shirt designs.

Her second love is making and she produces a range of cute handmade products such as accessories, homewares and stationery. Each item incorporates one of Lucy's illustrations to create a unique and beautiful product.

You can check out Lucy's illustration portfolio and her online shop at, or keep up to date with her latest adventures in illustrating and making on her blog:

Friday, 25 June 2010

The BIG launch

Woo hoo we are pleased to announce that Made in Newcastle will be launching on the Saturday 10th July at 1.30pm - 6pm!
For the big event we've got a host of exciting activities planned:

A catwalk fashion show starting at 2pm showcasing the innovative and inspiring work of the MiN collective's designers and makers. This will offer a sneak preview of the wonderful work in store.

A doodle jam to which YOU, yes YOU and any other inspiring creatives in Newcastle are invited to collaborate in, by adorning the back wall of the MiN cafe area with your beautiful doodlely artwork. Thus creating a glorious joint mural using the collaborative efforts of artists, creatives, crafties and anyone else, for all to enjoy! There will be a theme TBC.

A giant swap to which visitors and MiNnies can bring an item to for someone else to take away and enjoy. Details TBC and will be posted on the blog.

Please tell your friends, family, strangers (if you feel the need) and generally go forth and spread the word that MiN is coming to toon.

Thursday, 24 June 2010


The Made In Newcastle Project is thankful for all the support and kind donations.
Thank you to Frister + Rossmann for the donations of thread for the sewing room.

Featured Jeweller Maker BoBu Couture

BoBu ‘Bodacious Buttons’

Vintage Mix Bling, Rings & Costume Jewellery

Unique accessories created from resourced baubles, buttons, bits & bobs!

Are you working your vintage finds, chuffed with your charity shop chic, revelling in recycled, reborn retro rags?

Style savvy sisters are cottoning onto the delights of hunting for that unique one-off item – and when you are fortunate enough to bag that bargain, here’s the equally unique finishing touch; customised jewellery and accessories made from vintage buttons and findings.

Self-confessed magpie, hoarder and junk shop junkie, BoBu, just loves buttons!

We all remember the joy of our Grandma’s button tin..a casket of perfectly formed little plastic gems (old buttons)!

Many buttons are so evocative of an era; austere chunks of Bakelite for wartime chic, art- deco modernist shapes from the 30’s and giant plastic blobs of colour from the 60’s & 70’s.

Yve (designing under the name BoBu) transforms buttons into wearable and very desirable one-off pieces - marrying vintage and contemporary to create a delicious range of jewellery and accessories.

It’s unlikely there will ever be two pieces the same. Prices are easy on the purse, and reflect the age and design of the original buttons.

Email: Tel: 0191 209 5374 / 07948 274130

Volunteer exhibition co-ordinator WANTED

The Made in Newcastle shop needs a volunteer to be the exhibition co-ordinator for the mezzanine level. This person needs to manage the diary, promote the space, be the point of contact and advise on installation. Please let me know if you are

I am lamp

Hi All

The Made in Newcastle shop is on the look out for some LAMPS/SEWING MACHINES/SCISSORS...has anyone got any spare they could loan us for a bit?

If so please contact me to sort out pick up.


Sunday, 20 June 2010

Coming soon poster

The Made in Newcastle poster/flyer is now ready to be spread far and wide to carry the news that this wonderful little project is soon to spark into life.
You can expect to see one of these little beauties in a cafe, bar or gallery around Newcastle soon:

The launch date will also be announced very shortly and we'll be posting details of it on here, so keep your eyes peeled. Its going to be a good one!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Thursday, 3 June 2010


Made In Newcastle is the inspirational centre for creativity in our city.

Occupying a four story empty shop, Made In Newcastle sells beautiful and interesting work made in Newcastle.

The space has an informal meeting area in which all are welcome and generous workshop space for free use to anyone wanting to run creative events and classes.

Made In Newcastle objects to the monopolisation of our city centre by multi-national companies and to the narrow-minded regeneration policies that have led to this.

This is our city, full of creativity.
Join us and show that Newcastle can make it!'