Thursday, 24 June 2010

Featured Jeweller Maker BoBu Couture

BoBu ‘Bodacious Buttons’

Vintage Mix Bling, Rings & Costume Jewellery

Unique accessories created from resourced baubles, buttons, bits & bobs!

Are you working your vintage finds, chuffed with your charity shop chic, revelling in recycled, reborn retro rags?

Style savvy sisters are cottoning onto the delights of hunting for that unique one-off item – and when you are fortunate enough to bag that bargain, here’s the equally unique finishing touch; customised jewellery and accessories made from vintage buttons and findings.

Self-confessed magpie, hoarder and junk shop junkie, BoBu, just loves buttons!

We all remember the joy of our Grandma’s button tin..a casket of perfectly formed little plastic gems (old buttons)!

Many buttons are so evocative of an era; austere chunks of Bakelite for wartime chic, art- deco modernist shapes from the 30’s and giant plastic blobs of colour from the 60’s & 70’s.

Yve (designing under the name BoBu) transforms buttons into wearable and very desirable one-off pieces - marrying vintage and contemporary to create a delicious range of jewellery and accessories.

It’s unlikely there will ever be two pieces the same. Prices are easy on the purse, and reflect the age and design of the original buttons.

Email: Tel: 0191 209 5374 / 07948 274130

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