Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Fashion Week Guest Maker Special

I'm sure you're all well aware by now that the first Newcastle Fashion Week begins on the 14th May and that we, you're beloved MiN crew are taking part in the fashiony festivities.

As part of our involvement we will be transforming the shop into a fashion boutique, with a particular focus on the gallery space which will be showcasing beautiful wares from local designers and fashion students. These are our Fashion week guest makers and in the lead up to the BIG event & during the week itself we'll be blogging about each individual guest maker so you can find out more about each one.

So who's first?

Suzanne Porter
Ever since Suzanne was young she always loved art & making things. Once she started studying Art & Design at college it became apparent to her that Fashion was the main focus of her attentions. After completing college Suzanne attended a three year ‘Fashion Enterprise' degree course and soon after finishing made the move to set up a clothing label - which has now been going two years & growing ever more popular.

Based in Darlington and trading under the name Suzanne Porter Boutique, this talented lady loves to create pieces which are feminine and elegant. She has a particular interest in era's gone by such as the 1940's and 50's, from which she takes inspiration when designing her garments.

Suzanne has just started stocking a new concept store in ’Paloni’ Helsinki, Finland. We're sure this lady will go far.

Here's a little visual taster of what she has to offer:

To view Suzanne's stunning outfits you can visit her website HERE
If you like what you see and you fancy some of that for yourself then please drop her a line on 07931836719 or email:

And don't forget you can get your hands on a Suzanne Porter original at MiN from the 14th May!

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