Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Ncstl Fashion Week Guest Designer

Today's spotlight is on two emerging design talents Amelia-Jane Friend and Dean Blair.

Amelia is a first year fashion student at Northumbria University who at a young age is already developing a unique style of her own.
She has always had passion for fashion and believes there is more to it than the appearance created by the clothing and accessories, but that its all about identity and how fashion helps you to express individualism and your personality.

Amelia's quirky designs are ultimately about having fun. She enjoys using bright prints with a variety of colours and including quirky details to each garment resulting in a vibrant collection. Amelia also likes to use classical shapes usually inspired by past fashions and she often references the 60s and 70s in her designs. She describes her current collection as bright, fun and easy to wear whether it be for a festival or to a party.

Amelia is currently showcasing several of her pieces in the shop, one of our personal favourite pieces is her cute & summery butterfly print dress - gorgeous!

The second of our guest makers to highlight today is Dean Blair. A self taught designer born and bred in Newcastle.

Since an early age he has loved fashion and been determined to get ahead in this competitive industry. He began making things as a teenager when he used to customize jeans for his family and up-cycle old clothes to give them a new lease of life and revamp them. Dean still enjoys the challenge of customising unwanted second hand clothing into a new desirable piece as he can get really creative and experimental.

Truly a self-made designer, Dean grew up on a council estate in an area where opportunities are not in abundance - far from it. He never studied fashion, mainly because of funding and understands how hard it can be to find your feet and get the support you need in a lower socio-economic environment. His family have really supported Dean throughout the years in following his dreams and are always there for guidance.

Today Dean's designs and makes his own range of clothes, costume wear and accessories under the brand name 'BUJU'.

Over the last 10 years he has worked as a freelance designer on many different projects including designing and styling girl bands for tours and video shoots and making costumes for dancers in the uk and abroad.

He hopes one day he can achieve his dream and work alongside some of the top designers and maybe becoming a big name in the fashion industry.

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