Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Ncstl Fashion Week Guest Designer

Morning everyone. Today's guest maker post is on Gradley Thirkle of Subtle Clothing. As well as showcasing work in MiN, Subtle Clothing will also be featured on the 'Fashion Front Row' catwalk this evening at As you Like It in Jesmond, Newcastle.

So heres what its all about:

Subtle Clothing is an emerging ethically aware British fashion label based in Tyneside. Run by Gradley along with members of his family the ethos is about being understated yet stylish.

The concept for the brand originated when watching British Style Genius on BBC2 in the autumn of 2008. Gradley was inspired and came up with the idea of creating his own ethically aware fashion label. With previous experience of working in retail in Britain and Canada and working as part of the Diamond and Rings Merchandising team for two major Jewellers in London, Gradley already had a background in fashion. At the dawn of 2011 Subtle Clothing was brought into the world.

Each design is created to be stylish, fashionable and underpinned throughout by SC's understated viewpoint and the world’s penchant for acting like a peacock. The theme for their first design is the weather, executed in a quirky and subtle way. This was inspired by the British passion for talking about the weather, whilst making small talk with friends, family and/or strangers.
The summer
design has been screen printed using the CMYK process onto a white organic cotton t-shirt, certified organic by the Soil Association. The print will be limited to 700 organic cotton t-shirts by t-shirt colour and is the inspiration for the range name – “700” by Subtle Clothing. Each t-shirt will contain a label stating 'This t-shirt is one of 700 lovingly created by Peacocks, for Peacocks. Be part of the Muster' and will display a Subtle Clothing logo on the nape of the neck on the back of the t-shirt.

The t-shirt is available from the
subtleclothing.com, https://marketplace.asos.com and is of course available at Made In Newcastle during Fashion week - 14th to the 21st May.
Whats more if you buy a Subtle Clothing tee from the Made In Newcastle shop each customer will get a free black,
organic cotton Subtle Clothing bag (normally RRP £15).
You can contact Gradley for more information via email: info@subtleclothing.com’ or drop him a line on tel: 07933844196.

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