Saturday, 21 May 2011

Nearing the end

Today sees the last day of the inaugural Newcastle Fashion Week. Its been a MEGA event with lots of exciting things going on all around the city and will hopefully go some way to putting Newcastle on the Fashion map. I guess what we really hope is that this event will help encourage independent designers to start/keep their business in Newcastle and help indy shops (the few that there are in the city) thrive.

As we say goodbye to Fashion Week, we also say "so long" to 79 Grainger Street. On the 31st May, in only 10 days time, Made In Newcastle will be shutting up shop at 79 Grainger street. We've been there for 6 MONTHS and can scarce believe it, the time has gone so quickly.
Those of you who have been following the MiN project since its birth last year, will know that foremost it is an empty shop project and we can only be based in a premises for a temporary period. Ideally we would love to stay in a place on a permanent basis and have a space which offers affordable workshops as well as the gallery and shop. The reality is though that the price is too high and we just can't afford it. This city needs more independent shops though and its something that the MiN collective feel strongly about.

We will be looking for a new base and in the meantime we'll continue to do stuff online and run events around the city, just not from the Grainger St property. You can keep up to date with all our antics on the blog and on our website.

Over the last 6 months at the 79 Grainger premises, its been a pleasure having your support and we're very grateful to Thomas Cook for letting the space to us & giving us the opportunity to showcase the city's artistic talent. We also must thank Newcastle City Council for the financial support they have given us.

Just one last thing to say, before we shut the shop on close of play 31st May - our advise is:
"H'way and geet yourself doon there, quick like"!

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  1. This is such an important project I so hope someone steps forward and offers you a 'home' soon.