Saturday, 14 August 2010

Writers - Train your inner critic.

Lucille Valentine, Writer in Residence at Made in Newcastle. I will coach you with gentle and supportive critique on your writing.

Send me up to 2000 words which I will read, and then write on with ink of varying colours. We will meet for ¾ of an hour - this could be at Made in Newcastle in Nun Street, which has a 1-2-1 room that we can book - and we will discuss your work in detail. I will look at the story, the shape, the pace, the characters... and the grammar where it interferes with Story.

I am a story teller, a story writer and a poet. A couple of my stories have been published, a short play has been performed at the Live Theatre and I have an MA in Creative Writing. I write a monthly magazine column and I spent many years writing technical, IT stuff, where creativity is not advisable. As a continuous member of two high quality writers' groups for the past nine years (my youngest son was three months old when I started) I have gained lots of experience in giving really useful writing feedback.

This service will cost £20.

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