Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Creative and Dsylexic...

Are you a dyslexic entrepreneurs?
People into Enterprise (PIE) is currently undertaking a piece of research in to the links between entrepreneurship and dyslexia. Research has found that 20% of entrepreneurs are dyslexic compared to just 4% of employed managers and PIE is interested in finding out whether people with dyslexia have a special talent for business or simply have a narrow range of career options - or perhaps something else that we don’t yet know about is driving their choices, and PIE is trying to identify dyslexic entrepreneurs who might be happy to get involved. Research has shown those in the creative industry creative are disproportionately likely to be dyslexic than in other sectors of the economy - If you do know anyone, could you let them know we are carrying out this activity.
You can find out more from the following website www.blueskythink.com
Please get in touch with Jane@peopleintoenterprise.com

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