Sunday, 1 August 2010

Here are a Few of my Favourite things

Featured Designer Makers: Christine White AKA Thread Spider Textiles

Today we are with Christine White aka Thread Spider Textiles

1. Fabrics and threads and fibres . I just love creating fabrics from scratch using combinations of wool, threads and hand dyed natural fabrics.

2. Colour There is nothing better than spending the morning surrounded by dye baths, turning plain white fabric into a myriad of rainbows colours. Working with colour is something I adore and am influenced by the stunning combination of colours in the world around us.

3. My wonderful Bernina sewing machine. It copes very well with the abuse I put it through and very rarely complains.

4. Bonda web - Where would I be without this fabulous substance .Of course I very rarely use it to hold fabric together. I’m much more likely to paint it, add glitter to it and melt it.

5. My backroom staff, in other words my daughter who advises me and my husband who is always there for me, taxi’s me around ,stewards exhibitions and generally puts up with me. Both used to having thread spiders all around the house.

6. Wine and chocolate . Both help when things are not going so well and after a glass or two of red wine my work appears to look better !

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