Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Lady Luck is coming to toon

MIN is very pleased to announce that Leona Baker, founder of the huge indy label 'Lady Luck Rules Ok', will be visiting our lovely little shop as part of her 'Jewellery Workshop & Trade Secrets Talk' mini UK tour. Yippee!
The event will be on Saturday 28th August from 2pm to 5pm. So here's the lowdown:

After 3 sold out Trade Secrets Talks and 5 sold out Jewellery Workshops LLROK has combined the two events to take on a mini tour around the UK.
The talk will cover topics such as how to start, run & grow an independent creative business; how to successfully sell online; PR, marketing and social media; wholesale and trade shows; and how to deal with the tough stuff like competitors and copycats.

The jewellery workshop will reveal all their unique production methods & materials including how they make their personalised jewellery, enamel & gold charms and lots more. They'll also be sharing the importance of sampling, working with manufacturers, sourcing materials and practical tips on getting the best results. These wonderful tips & techniques can also be applied to many other products.

LLROK's London talks & workshops have been attended by artists, graphic designers, illustrators, boutique owners, jewellery designer/makers & folk looking to turn that first seed of an idea into a viable product to make & sell.

This jam packed 3 hour event will inspire and fuel your creative abilities, so don't miss out.
Tickets are £25 plus £1 booking fee (to cover paypal fees).

To book tickets for this event: CLICK HERE

Newcastle at Made In Newcastle

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  1. Oh, how I wish I could make it - sounds like the ultimate workshop <3