Thursday, 27 January 2011

How to price your handmade items?

A great article produced by our friends at UK handmade. Larissa Robinson-Joice of covers that age old topic of "pricing"!

Some points she makes are:

  • You ARE a business person, no matter what your craft and should organise yourself as such.
  • You should pay yourself NO LESS than the minimum wage and this should be factored into the prices of your goods.
  • Factor in the WHOLE cost of making your goods; both waste and used materials (such as off-cuts), shipping (to you), your tools and equipment costs, rent, repairs, phone, internet, website costs, electricity, advertising and office equipment. (You will need to make educated guesses with regard to utilities, especially if you work from home.)

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  1. Thank you! As someone who is making things, especially from found-objects or recycled items, knowing what to charge is a major problem. This is a very good way of working out what price to put on things :D